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Following PRENATAL DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES are performed at shobha diagnostic centre:

  • Amniocentesis: Removing amniotic fluid around the fetus and sending it for analysis. Done at 17-22 weeks
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling  (CVS): Done at 11-13 weeks
  • Chordocentesis: Fetal blood sampling
  • Ovarian cyst aspiration
  • Fetal reduction: Multiple pregnancies carry the risk of premature delivery. Therefore multiple pregnancies can be reduced to twin pregnancy.

In today’s era of advanced technology there is dramatic improvement in our understanding of birth defects in children. Approximately 3% of new borns have a recognizable major anomaly and its disheartening to know that birth defects are most common cause of mortality in children in our country.
                Systematic fetal sonography is the first step in detecting and diagnosing the birth defects, however to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities and certain hereditary syndromes more advanced tests are needed.
It is more advantageous to prevent occurrence of a genetic disorder, diagnose and treat it at pre clinical stage than to wait for the birth of a baby with serious genetic disorder.


There are very few centres in Western suburbs who offer Prenatal Diagnostic Procedures (Amniocentesis, Chorion Villous Sampling-CVS, Cord blood sampling, Foetal reductions in multiple pregnancy) and Shobha diagnostic centre is one such centre to offer these services.

Shobha Diagnostic Center
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